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Monday, July 28, 2014

The Nut Factory

The Nut Factory
by Brian Thomas Armstrong

    When I first arrived here I would sleep in the back of a truck-bed in my living room. I would wake up in the morning with nothing much to do, wondering, searching in my mind as to what I should partake in during my stay here - and then I found the factory, the old man told his visitor, with an enthused gleam in his eye.
    I started out by pulling taffy, and then tediously but joyously stretching it back and forth along the long walls of the factory’s warehouse. I then started making furniture so that I would have something to sit in while chewing on the fruits of my laborious creations. Then I started making shoes for the long walks I endured, and then grew to love, along the trail that I take to the market located in the middle of our town square in order to sell all the goods that I make, the old man said, brimming with pride.
    My success grew remarkably fast, so I then hired some of the locals that no one else would seem to hire, although they were perfectly fine men and women in my view,  and together we built the small industrial empire that you see here today, all based on candy and shoes that took the local business community around here by great surprise, creating many friends, and also a few formidable enemies if you know what I mean , he winked at his visitor looking very satisfied with himself – I am very very busy now as you can see, and I can hardly remember that dark place the state of my mind seemed to be trapped in before, when I was actively drinking that is. “I know how you feel pop, I’ve also been in that same dark place many times before,” the old man’s son told him in a somewhat solemn response. I’m very busy now as you can see, and I really must go, his father repeated once more. His son told him he wanted to come visit him again soon, and also bring some books back for him to read next time. Oh yes please do - said his father - but never mind the books, there is much for you to learn and do here, and I am in desperate need of help with my factory, as you can see I am very busy here. “I would like that allot pop,” replied his son, a sad smile was on his face as a tear started to well up in his eye. There was also a frazzled looking, somewhat confused and distracted smile on his father’s face as well, as father and son faced each other from across the long wooden table. Very fine then, said the old man, it was assuredly nice to see you again, and as I said before, I am very very busy here, and the factory needs me as you can see.  “OK pop, it was great to see you too,” he reached over and held/shook his dads hand for a brief minute, and then he stood up and left the room, forcing himself not to look back at his father as he walked away.
    The son looked back at the tall ominous brick building that housed/incarcerated his father as he often did, while walking slowly away from it towards his automobile in the always half empty dirt parking lot in front of the asylum. He was once again trying desperately to hold back the flood of welling tears that threatened to pour down the front of his youthful face. This was a sad routine he knew very well, and expected every time he left one of his few and fewer in-between visits with his disturbed father. He made another silent vow to himself that he would visit the institution more often – after all, his father certainly needed him now, more than he ever had before.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Southern Child Exodus Problem

The Southern Child Exodus Problem
by Brian Thomas Armstrong

When President George W. Bush signed the law into effect in 2008 that guaranteed immigration hearings for most unaccompanied minors caught trying to cross the Mexican and Canadian border, there was little to no objection nor protest from society, nor the two main political factions of Republicans or Democrats that control American society, and certainly not from the religious right to which Bush was pandering to at the time, using child sex trafficking as the main justification for the enactment of the law.

The present day immigration problems and controversies brewing over these unaccompanied immigrant children, are that the law only covers children who are foreign citizens from our neighboring borders/countries of Mexico and Canada with assured lengthy and expensive due process rights once apprehended by U.S. authorities, not South American and other countries unaccompanied children. The combination of that law and Obama’s past perceived soft spot,  especially down south for immigration reform and easier pathways to citizenship have opened up the flood gates of illegal immigration crossings on our border with Mexico, especially children to overwhelming proportions. The perpetrating South American countries, their people, and their governments certainly haven’t changed in the past decade, the governments and therefore the main offending countries of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador are just as corrupt, violent, and miserable to live in if you’re not a wealthy tourist as they have always been. What has changed is that Children “refugee’s” from their nations chaos has become the highlight news story in America. A family with children, single moms with kids, and of course the lone migrant worker were easily lumped in together for deportation with-out pulling to many heart strings in the media, or of course the main staple of American social hysteria, - Republican, Democrat, and somewhere in-between factions that perpetually use crisis, any form of crisis, to their vindictive and selfish political advantages.

The cost of housing and feeding these children is not “really” the issue here. After spending billions upon billions on senseless wars that go nowhere, and then sit back and watch the places we invaded after we pull out revert back to even more chaos than when we first interjected ourselves on these countries lives, when we of course finally get tired of the enormous cost, or all of a sudden once again realize/remember the futility/folly of war - we as a people can hardly bitch about how much it will cost us to feed hungry children. This is truly a political crisis, a humanitarian crisis, a local government spending crisis along the southern border, but hardly a national crisis for American society. What this crisis is to the Average American, and should be, is a crisis of conscience. 

What should be done about this new immigration “crisis” you say – we should simply follow our laws as they stand now, follow our hearts and American sense of decency and humanity, thus redeeming ourselves in the eyes of the World, God, and most importantly Ourselves.

Brian Thomas Armstrong – The Southern Child Exodus Problem
The Social Hysteria Blog –

Saturday, July 19, 2014

American Made Foreign Enemies

Maybe we should actually promote peace instead of using that quote as a cover story to promote war!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

High Plains Grifter

A Social Esteem Problem

A Social Esteem Problem
by Brian Thomas Armstrong

A glance in the mirror
A shiver of shame
Every day the mornings the same
A dread of going into school
Knowing the rule
Beauty is skin deep
And that is as far as people see
Slink down the hall
They kick my books
Go to my locker
They snicker to each other about my looks
They never care about what it’s like to be me
They don’t “feel” or “hear” me
They only see

Grumpy Cats Dead

Obama's flip/flop talk on child immigration and deportation

I know I do not seem like much of a “realist” when I say this but, when un-accompanied children escape from their F’ed up, crooked, dangerous, and incredibly violent country, especially towards vulnerable women and children; I quit waving the flag, wagging my tongue about how they are going to over-run and overwhelm us, and then I take them in, feed them, house them, and educate them, then you really have lived up to America’s lofty judgmental, self-righteous ideals, and showed the children and people of the world you can put your ideals, ethics, moral authority, and yes lots of excess money where your mouth is - instead of flip/ flop political talk that helps no one (World-Wide), including ourselves.  (BTA)

A Square Circle of Stars

The Happy Digital Devil

I am the savior of the world and the murderer of society. I am a crying desperate but happy sobriety confronting a miserable laughing drunk! I am ignorance, understanding, and wisdom simultaneously together in three different corners. I am human nature and therefore I am social hysteria!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Angel of Light

The purest Gods grant your prayers by denying you your petty wants and greed's,
and giving you what you truly need.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Marriage Wisdom from an Old-Married-Fool

Marriage Wisdom from an Old-Married-Fool
by Brian Thomas Armstrong
     Anyone who contemplates marriage usually has deep seeded spoken or un-spoken doubts, reservations, and fears mostly instilled by their friends and family, not to mention society in general about whether they can actually spend the rest of their lives with someone and still love them in the twilight years of their marriage; rather than want to kill them, blame them, and secretly hate them for years of a fruitless marriage and a  hopelessly trapped existence with no obvious  way out but an expensive and emotionally devastating divorce, or merciful death.
     The truth to why many marriages fail before their ten year mark is in fact an obvious one that has existed since the creation of the short double worded statement -“I Do.”  The real reason that many marriages fall apart is plain and simple SEX, or more to the point – THE LACK OF IT
     For the wife in the relationship marriage becomes more about emotional love over the years rather than the sexual act of the mechanical relational aspect of love. The trappings of family life and marriage meld into responsibility and commitment for the female psyche that hinges more towards stability rather than sexuality. For the male partner in the long term relationship though, the husband still remains a young boy in his mind, especially when confronted with ongoing and increasingly more complicated responsibility and unquestionable commitment. To the husband sex is usually still the major foundation of their marriage and love becomes either a convenience, or increasingly more of an inconvenience; mostly again depending on his needs and not his partners.
     The more the husband is denied sex when he feels he requires it or has earned it, the more the vicious cycle of sexual animosity manifests itself to both parties involved. The more the husband acts up or acts out, the more his wife withholds the sex from her husband that he feels entitled to under law. Finally the boy/man convinces himself that his entitlement to sex as a “man,” goes beyond his marriage and the indiscriminant cheating and drawn out affairs begin to happen, dooming his marriage to its inevitable failure.
     Cheaters always get caught in a marriage and husbands always realize what fools they were to begin with too late in the game. They proceed to beg for their wife’s forgiveness and for them to take them back, conditionally or more unlikely unconditionally. Whether the wife does take him back, or simply and silently puts up with and endures their spouses indiscretions once again is solely based on their paternal or internal perceptions of marital responsibility and commitment, rather than giving their husbands more sex at this point; in fact the opposite usually occurs sexually and the husband gets even less tang than he did before after self-creating the isolated capsule that he has made for himself trying to fly to the moon on his own terms.
     Once the thin line has been crossed between love and hate for the female psyche there is usually no turning back for her or her husband and the “mutual breakup” becomes inevitable. This occurrence in the female’s mindset usually is followed by the negative and unproductively sorry for himself – male hurt feelings. This state of mind on the husbands part reverts the man even further into the mentality of the young boy he wishes he still was,  and then proceeds to compound his marital problems even more, usually just in time for his also inevitable – MID LIFE CRISIS.
    The bottom line and conclusion to this admittedly seemingly hostile to the male mentality and its attached physical genital appendage that gets husbands in so much financial, legal, and emotional trouble,  is that the ones who stay together for that eternity of bliss, and sometimes not so blissful happily ever after marriage are the ones that :
1.       Do so out of both love and fear – love/fear of their spouses or, fear of living alone now that they are past their prime and damaged goods on the open glutted dating meat market. (not the best reason)
2.       Secure and subdue their lust while ensuring and cultivating their love by mutual respect, communication, commitment,  and responsibility to each other rather than individually self-interpreting all four of the fore-mentioned marital musts that a couple need to share in order to have a healthy, working,  and more importantly happy marital relationship.
3.       Egos must be eliminated, trust must be initiated, and humility must be cultivated.
  The reason I focused on the male faults that hinder a successful marriage is that I am a male, egotistical, selfish, ex-cheating, self-loathing, little boy trapped in a man’s body, twice married old fool, who feels the need and obligation to impart some hard earned marital wisdom in order to hopefully save someone else the regrets of learning them later in life rather than sooner. It is also good to remember that “Till Death Do Us Part,” is just another statement that people use when put on the spot that really means they have no clue what so ever as to whether that is really a good thing or a bad thing, or that they are really capable of the hard work, tough choices, and tests of mutual faith needed to make that statement a good thing, and true representation of reality in both the couples future.
Good luck and good loving to anyone who is contemplating making the big step into the big plunge, sincerely - Brian Thomas Armstrong

Praying to the Yoni

Mothers Love

Mother Mary

God's Will On Earth

We are all slaves to God’s will on Earth
Like slaves we can still have free will
We can choose to run from God
We can choose to serve god
Or we can choose to leave this World

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Top Ten Simple Truths of Life as We Know It

The Top Ten Simple Truths of Life as We Know It
by Brian Thomas Armstrong

#1.  When governments leave their people nothing left to lose; people choose to lose their governments.
#2.  People who judge others refuse to understand others; people who understand other people refrain from judging them.
#3.  What we don’t know won’t hurt us; unless it is hurting us already and we just don’t know it.
#4. When things get tough; the weak pack up and leave as fast as they can.
#5. Life is merely an illusion you have created in order to punish yourself for being alive.
#6. Success is usually not a matter of earning it or deserving it; it is usually a matter of opportunity happening to those who were born into it, and usually need it the least.
#7. Ignorance is bliss; suffering is knowledge.
#8. It is better to be dictated by your own flawed logic than someone else’s.
#9. The only thing that you need to instill into your children is forgiveness and unconditional love; it is up to them to understand why, and then learn to use it in their own lives.
#10. A fool listens to a wise man and learns nothing; a wise man listens to a fool and learns - he does not want to be the fool.

The Devil Tempts

Cleansing Rain

A Cleansing Rain
by Brian Thomas Armstrong

Simple tears cleanse my soul
They gently role from cheek to cheek
They heal my wounds of self-infliction
They turn my heart’s aggression meek
My emotions drain and re-arrange in patterns on my face
Dark laced clouds accumulate
And send their cleansing pain
But bright new colors sometimes follow rain


by Brian Thomas Armstrong

Of all the words I hate to hear
None is worse that comes to ear
Through rain and thunder
Ringing clear
Like gigantic tears on dried skin leather drum-heads 
I love you
But do you hate me?

When were alone together
Feeling whole but somehow incomplete
Enclosed with me in our tiny piece of eternity
Unspoken words start to march in my head
They feed my fears
They defeat my facades
They rape what’s dear
They breed what’s bleeding
Then cage what’s free
Marching me ever closer to the thoughts
I refuse to speak because I will not hear them
I hate you
But do you love me?

Try to Take My Weed - I Dare Ya!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The World as we Know It

The World as we know it
By Brian Thomas Armstrong

The world as we know it 
Can be black or white
It is whiter for others who can see its inner light 
Darker for those who have no inner sight
It is brighter for some whether cloudy or sunny
Poorer for some who savior only its money
Glorious and divine to those who seek its true meaning
Inconsequential to those who only mine its gold
Sometimes it’s cruel and demeaning to those 
Who lived long enough on it to slowly grow old
When the youth of the world
Fails to listen to the wisdom they hold
The World as we know it can be both black and white
But it is gray for those 
Who are unwilling to fight for its darkness or light.


After Almost 8 Years of Obama

 After almost eight years of Obama and “Democratic Rule,” can you truly say that his promises of change, government transparency, financial security, and hope for a new world of peace have truthfully been fulfilled?
Marijuana acceptance has grown momentum across the nation along with gay marriage and basic gay rights, but how much of that change was brought about by Obama’s influence over us rather than an enlightened public that was moving in that direction anyway?
Are you confident in America’s economy? Anyone who has to sell something in this country for a living can tell you that no one is buying anything.
We have become complacent with the same-old
same-old whether it is under Republican control or democratic control. How many years of false
“hope” must we be encouraged to endure before we demand real change, real results, real action, and real economic recovery? Regardless of who you vote for in 2016, remember we the people are the only ones we can count on to enact moral, legal, and financial change in our country. Listening to the same old party sing the same old song and dance over and over is only going to get you the new boss that is the same as the old boss regardless of who they claim to represent.

Stop Being Poor America - Be A Whore

Friday, May 30, 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Household Gods by Aleister Crowley

“Household Gods”
I followed the ripple
Of the stream; I crept
Where waters wept
The floss in the foss
Gurgling across
The bosses of moss,
Like a dryads nipple
In the mouth of pain
- Aleister Crowley –

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Another Senseless American Shooting

Shifman Family Lawyer Statement:
"My client's mission in life will be to try to prevent any such tragedies from ever happening again," he said. "This country, this world, needs to address mental illness and the ramifications from not recognizing these illnesses."

Shifman said the family is "staunchly against guns" and supports gun-control laws. "They are extremely, extremely upset that anybody was hurt under these circumstances," he said.

(BTA) Statement: "It is time to stop solving our problems in America from behind a Gun - Common sense, decency, compassion, empathy, and social responsibility has always been the key, unfortunately macho mentalities and  action hero fantasies and the monetary backing of those who prosper from senseless violence that have  prevailed instead in this country  for too long - It is truly the crossroads for true "change" in this Nation, and not idle talk of lasting peace for all our countries citizens when it is politically convenient to do so, and muffled silence when it is not."

The Man Who Dressed in Feathered Robes

The Man Who Dressed in Feathered Robes
By Tom Armstrong

To sing in the hallelujah chorus
Tore the purdah from the green skinned
And henna streaked bellies of the maids
Of Samark and lied the lie cheated
The babies fell into Hell and rose
Again to dance in the golden pavilions
In heaven the man whose hauteur was
Impeccable stripped himself naked
Marched out onto the scorched sands
Of the Haj al Jarha raised his arms
To the sky and cried Command Me!
The Lord somewhat startled said,
“Bring me a cheese Danish that
isn’t at least a day old and I will
bless thy seed for generations to come”
Oh! The man said.” I was expecting
something more spectacular.”
“You’ve come to the wrong place.”
Said The Lord.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Burning Down the Ghetto

Burning Down the Ghetto

The ghetto will still always burn in its unfortunate inhabitants minds, even if they move away!

The things they saw or the tragedies that tormented them while incarcerated physically and mentally in the roach and rat-ridden slums, dirty streets, run down shops, and vacant doorways – forever haunts even the ghosts of poverty.