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Monday, April 21, 2014

The Worth of a Mans Life

Your own perception of a good life is what is recorded in your heart, and pumped through your blood for judgment in the after-life when you stand before your maker. God cares not of what others judgmental perceptions of someone's life is when it is not their own. Your own learned perceptions through your own experiences when alive in this world, and the actions and choices you made along the way regarding the tests that were on the pages in the great pre-written book that is life. That is what truly matters to god, and that is what a man truly owns when he sees God for himself. At that time God truly sees who and what that man really is, and where he is destined to.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Republicans: Is Jeb Bush their only option in 2016?

Republicans: Is Jeb Bush their only option in 2016?

I say good for us all if Jeb Bush runs in 2016, then Hillary would be a cinch for President  - We would have a strong president that everyone respects in Hillary Clinton because of her accomplishments not her color or gender, one who actually has the experience and the personal integrity to back up an American presidency and keep our allies our allies,  not to mention one who would know and understand as a mother that even one innocent child's life is not worth the easy drone strike a coward takes to eliminate a politicians perceived threat to the U.S rather than a proven one. Oh well - history repeats itself by trusting women in our society with the vote second once again, valuing the strategic political pull of one’s racial status in American society over the ones that raised us, teaches us right from wrong, and loves us unconditionally regardless of our faults - The Strong Women in our lives of every race color and dimensions are the true time tested heroes of our society. Too bad - 8 more years of a prosperous "Clinton Era" would have come in handy in 2008.

Click Here to Read the Full “The” Article: Republicans are realizing that Jeb Bush is their only option in 2016


Social Chaos by Brian Thomas Armstrong

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Thorns of Life

The Thorns of Life  by Brian Thomas ArmstrongThorns were cast on fertile ground
while seeds were thrown on coals
From the thorns grew evil souls
From the seeds grew fire
The flames grew into funeral pyres
as evil souls were tossed
When the purifying fire did cease
the angels they did rest
after casting seeds on fertile ground
from souls who passed the test.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Before there was Nothingness

Before there was Nothingness
by Brian Thomas Armstrong

In the Beginning there was Nothing
Except for what Existed 
A spark ignited the Darkness
And fire was Born
Burning in the Earth
Waiting for what Existed Before

Before there was Nothingness - by Brian Thomas Armstrong  -

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

GM Murder

We bail GM out with our tax dollars for having bad business practices while their CEO’s give themselves millions of dollars in bonuses and raises while putting thousands out of work.  Then they pay America back by pompously and purposely letting our citizens’ die for a decade to save another buck. This time no bail out, it’s time to sit back, do nothing for GM, and watch them die for a decade with no help in sight until it’s too late – Now that’s Justice! 

Obama Care: Take Your Medicine Middle-class

What a victory - 7,000,000 people signed up for health care they still can't afford under threat of more fines and selective overtaxing for those who don't conform. What a triumph for Democracy!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pope in Prayer by Brian Thomas Armstrong

The Eyes of a Child

A Young Girl Looks upon the Sea

A Young Girl Looks upon the Sea
By Brian Thomas Armstrong

A child looked out upon the dawn and wondered of her father
The mother held her tears and watched the girl stare out the window
A mast, a ship, a darkened haze floating in the horizon
But none was seen among the waves, and the child feared her father taken by Poseidon

All day she stood there gazing out and not a word she said, unspoken worries her mother shared
for she also feared her husband dead
All night again the child stayed gazing at the darkened sea, but in the new dawn still she waited
and still no relief for them had come to be

Some say the sad girl waits there still, and on darkened lonely nights
If you go to her old cabin you can see her in the window staring out upon the stormy waves
when you turn out the candle lights

The Old/New Law of the Land

Catholic Cigarettes

I Have a Dream

My dream is that human nature catches up to human enlightenment and that they become confidants and friends. When that happens I dream that mass media will spread like lightning
mass understanding and cooperation rather than mass hysteria and public strife.

My dream can be found in everyone, everything, and in every religion. My dream is faith in humanity that gives me faith in myself.

Mine is a social dream of a
better world.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The DC Obsession with Dr. Seuss

The DC Obsession with Dr. Seuss

Is DC Crazy, or just orally lazy? – Asked the common man.
The Palin answered no! , and then babbled about her Uncle Sam.
Pork was served up Texas style, when Cruzy brought green eggs and ham.
The Markey he then quoted the Lorax, in a Massachusetts scam.
Crazy! Lazy! Dumb, or Stingy, in D.C ask someone who knows,
 even though who knows, who knows, why their Dr. Seuss hat shows!

Monday, March 3, 2014

The New American State Capitalist: Pot, booze, and cigarettes; in that order.

With Washington State and Colorado taking the lead in the new American capitalistic experiment that is legal heavily taxed, heavily demanded for by the public recreational marijuana,  as long as the State of the Union doesn't spin out of control  because of new state laws such as I-502 (WA.) and Amendment 64 (CO.) other states are sure to follow Washington and Colorado like dominoes.  It seems unlikely our nation’s kids will suddenly turn to hard drugs like heroin because marijuana is so readily available now, if anything I should hope it will help steer people away from the new national epidemic of heroin deaths and addiction, given an easily accessible relatively safe alternative for self- medication such as marijuana.  A sure bet is that every state in the union will soon follow Washington and Colorado once the great experiment pays off in a few years. How could they not follow when other states see Washington and Colorado’s monumental debts disappear because of the gigantic revenue, jobs, and of course tax income that legalizing marijuana will bring to both struggling post-recession state economies?
One could say that the old “free capitalist” is returning to the modern American state business man’s attitude towards their perceived states’ rights, and the Federal Governments perceived authority over those rights. The other great American experiment happening right now is how far these states can push it with the Federal Government before having to run for cover?  In the age of the World Wide Web, the public opinion forum is truly becoming the new supreme World ruler.  This new people’s media army can and will topple governments, dictators, and the like. If enough public social hysteria is generated through social media and the Nightly Fox News Team, public perception and American drug laws can change back and forth in American history quicker than most political analysts can ever accurately keep up with or predict them.
A “free capitalist” can be likened to the good old small business owner of the entrepreneurial capitalist days of the cowboy era. Basic and simple to follow standard ethical rules consisted of: Unless it involves horse thievery, outright murder, or too much public, social, or commercial embarrassment, you can pretty much sell anything  to anyone  who wants it and will pay dearly for it, without raising to many eyebrows. Back in the 1800’s until the early 1900’s, this was just good old fashioned capitalism at its finest. In those days that was the American dream, and semi-unregulated entrepreneurship was the only true road to success for the little guy at that time.
According to a recent CBS News poll presented this past January; Americans who support legal weed finally outnumber those who don’t in American society.  It is a close divide though on the legalization issue at 51% in favor of legal marijuana, compared to 44% against. With a growing modern sentiment of indifference against marijuana, and the perceived public need to move on when it comes to weed and focus on bigger issues in American politics, and especially abroad, it won’t be long now until most the other states turn to legal marijuana to cure their financial ills. Now that neither political side cares anymore enough to try to stop the inevitable pot invasion of America, it can now be seen as a much better political and capitalistic tactic to make a profit on pot if people want it, as long as everyone can get away with it by everyone paying the right happy to take your money local authorities.  Here’s to you Washington State and Colorado for bringing back good old fashioned American State Capitalism at its best.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Changing American Presidential Perception of Native Americans

Last year in Nov of 2013, President Obama welcomed for the fifth time 566 federally recognized tribal leaders to the White House Tribal Nations Conference. As early as 2009 Obama showed an honest interest in not only the Native American vote, and his next re-election bid, but also in re-building a positive connection between the original American indigenous population, and the traditionally mistrusted by Native Americans -  American Federal Government.

The American President of the past mirrored the common white settler or soldier's overly negative mistrust and blatant dislike for the Native American.  George Washington compared them to wolves and as beasts. Andrew Jackson was quoted as saying the Native American had neither intelligence nor moral habits. With such presidential condoning of racism and fear mongering towards the original inhabitants of North America, it’s plain to see how easy it was for the governments of the time to remove, eliminate a perceived threat from the Indian, and exterminate when necessary the Native American peoples’ in such a grand scale that Adolf Hitler would certainly truly appreciate its evil magnitude.

Of course it would take decades and even centuries for an American president to acknowledge the simple fact that Native Americans were the only ones technically here first when President Franklin Roosevelt said that only full blooded Indians were native to this country, and everyone else was basically an immigrant or a descendant of immigrants. As you can imagine, at that time in history Franklin Roosevelt was certainly courting the immigrant vote and not the Indian one, but at least it was a nice mention.

By the late forties and early fifties, American Indians had become an American Christian duty to civilize the old perceived savage into a non-scary educated member of society. Unfortunately again for the Native American, this new found white Christian perception of the Native American Indian was nonnegotiable by the Indians themselves. Once more Native Americans were forced into unbearable circumstances in the form of religious boarding schools in order to let Christ himself cast the savage demons from them. Decades of this practice were echoed in President Harry Truman’s  words on the American Indian when he stated:

"The United States, which would live on Christian principles with all of the peoples of the world, cannot omit a fair deal for its own Indian citizens."

Truman seemingly was tired of the old Indian Office’s bureau style education and land use regulations perpetrated on the Indians under their supposed care, but President Truman was still of the popular belief at the time that total assimilation was the only hope for the survival of the Indian race. As a consequence of this misguided perception of what the American Indian’s true needs were, many reforms and subtle breakthroughs in Indian rights and recognition were swept aside to accommodate Truman’s way of thinking towards Native Americans.

Forms of this assimilation theory towards the North American Indian populous remained all the way into the Reagan years when then President Ronald Reagan, obviously in his “clueless years”  stated that maybe America had made a mistake and shouldn't have humored the American Indian in their wanting to stay in such a primitive lifestyle – Why didn't they just come out of the reservations and join us in the cities and be good citizens right alongside us?

To re-iterate the Republican perception of the plight of the Native American Indian some years later, with a quote from the incredibly knowledgeable on the subject, George W. Bush:

"Tribal sovereignty means that. It's sovereign. You're a… you're a… you've been given sovereignty and you're viewed as a sovereign entity."

Which otherwise means they basically got nothing coming from the Bush administration.

Barack Obama has at least seemed to have ironically fulfilled one of his promises in both his presidential terms, the promise of choice in American inclusion, rather than past forced exclusion, assimilation, or threatened extermination for the Native American.

"We also recommit to supporting tribal self-determination, security, and prosperity for all Native Americans. While we cannot erase the scourges or broken promises of our past, we will move ahead together in writing a new, brighter chapter in our joint history." - Barack Obama

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Remembering our Modern American Mass Shootings, and Those to Come.

On a cold January Thursday morning in 2010, Timothy Hendron was in his car preparing to enter his work at the ABB Power Factory of ST. Louis. What was different this morning was that Hendron was armed this time with an AK-47 style assault rifle, two hand guns, a pump action shotgun, and hundreds of rounds of assorted ammunition in which to re-load them with.

Timothy Hendren then proceeded to ruthlessly cut down and kill two innocent fellow co-workers in the complex parking lot, and then killed another person and injured two others when he entered the industrial building shooting indiscriminately throughout the facility. His mass shooting spree continued unhindered until an employee with a concealed handgun started firing back at Hendron as he approached potential victims who were hiding down the hallway in a break room.

Timothy Hendron then went on to take the easy way out as many mass shooting spree perpetrators do; he blew his own brains out before the cops could get to him.

It would be fairly obvious to conclude that Timothy Hendren was not very happy with his employer or fellow employees, that fails to explain his extreme actions though. Hendren’s neighbors seemed surprised when told the news of his psychotic rampage and the outcome of his deeds. The only real clue to what sent this man over the edge was that he was active in a labor lawsuit involving the ABB Company’s pension plan. Now a pension plan would obviously stir emotions in most of the people it pertains to, but going on a killing spree over it is certainly like cutting your nose off despite your face, especially if you don’t intend to be around to enjoy retirement anyway – What are these people thinking when they turn into homicidal maniacs over daily life issues? – Are these newly indoctrinated killers a different breed than your run of the mill serial killer, or hopefully you and me?

What makes seemingly “normal” people do such unreasonably abnormal violent things? That question has been in debate for as long as the problem has existed without a clear cut scientifically proven theory as of yet, outside of the basic age old faults of human nature itself.

Envy of ones co-workers would seem to be an obvious factor in wanting to shoot them, along with of course a basic sense of daily aggravation with the people they work with, but still these common irritants rarely end up in a mass shooting spree. There has to be something about these “types” of people that set them apart from the rest of us who don’t kill several people when things start to not go our way.

 Mass shooting perpetrators are said to have similarities to their serial killer cousins such as hurting animals in their youth, or some form of past abuse in their childhood. This may tie them together according to an on-line article in the Huffington Post Science section that was posted soon after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Although their killer traits may be similar to that of a sociopathic psychotic killer, they have a major difference, a serial killer kills from obsessive compulsion or mental defect, or just plain because they are evil rotten human beings, but these “mass shooters” held down jobs and lived with family members.  These people weren’t there just for a cover story to elude detection from law enforcement and the rest of society; these people dealt with these future mass murderers on a daily basis, and they still had no clue or prior warnings about their neighbor, family member, or co-workers evil intent welling up inside them.

 Something made these people snap and suddenly have no regard for any life what-so-ever, including and especially  their own; call it an ultimate inferiority complex that serial killers rarely share with mass shooters.

This type of mass shooting epidemic was nothing new to the year 2010, society had already endured a long string of violent, senseless shooting sprees. From Virginia Tech in 2007 when Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 innocent souls on campus, and then of course killed himself last instead of first like normally depressed people would have, to the shocking shooting betrayal in 2009 at Fort Hood when Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan killed 13 of his fellow soldiers and wounded 30 before being brought down by a police officer. Obviously with Major Malik the strains of the gulf war and the rhetoric of Al-Qaeda had something to do with this shooting spree; but then again the military found him “sane” enough to counsel their troops as an active duty officer and trained psychologist – ooops to say the least, obviously this had more to do with Major Nidal Maliks general mental state at the time of the incident,  rather than the mental stresses of dealing with the war on terror,  along with the strain of simultaneously being an American Muslim officer in the U.S. Army.

Over and over again,  be it school, workplace, or movie theatre, the main theme in these maniacs picking places to enact their twisted revenge on the rest of us,  is designed to hit us exactly where we usually feel the most safe,  at school, at work, and of course a military fort or movie theatre. These violent nuts have one thing in mind and in common during their mass shooting sprees – teach society a terrible lesson they won’t soon forget for kicking them around mentally or financially for so many decades,  and then of course after their terrible deed immediately opt out of life’s contract. This suicidal tendency of snubbing their nose at society one last time by giving us the same guarantees they were given when arriving on earth, seems to serve as their final explanation of their heinous actions – No One Said Life Was Fair! This mortal trait seems to be another defining difference between the mass killing spree shooter and the average serial killer – I’ve never heard of a serial killer wanting to commit suicide on purpose, even when surrounded or caught red handed by the police. A serial killer’s ego usually would never even consider taking such a societal commoner’s mentally un-superior way out such as self-murder.

The modern accepted definition of a “spree killer” is someone who has committed two or more murders without a cooling off period. This is what separates them from your ordinary serial killer. Not having a proper cooling off period seems to be another of the most prevalent traits that all “shooting spree killers” have in common. If someone in their lives saw the warning signs a head of time,  possibly these terrible incidents would be growing  fewer instead of more frequently,  if the perpetrators simply had a cooling off period to get their heads together and realize that shooting co-workers, or  perfect strangers simply because your angry has no basis in rational “normal” societal thought and should be deemed as what it is – absolute insanity with still no definite reliable diagnosis, prognosis, nor cure to imply this national epidemic of indiscriminate shooting sprees will end anytime soon.

 With Newtown’s 26 dead being freshly remembered, let us remember all the other shooting incidents that fell before it, and also remember that without some sort of drastic action, regardless of the latest politics on gun control, we will still have no more control over stopping mass shooting tragedies in the future, than we do today.

Friday, November 29, 2013

The Black Tooth

In this insane world when does sanity finally give up, letting society tear itself apart from within? When life’s pain becomes unbearable, like a black tooth that rots the skull around it killing its host; death shall come riding in on its pale white horse, infecting us all with a murderous rage of insanity.  BTA

Read Brian Thomas Armstrong's short fiction story The Black Tooth by clicking on the link below:


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Human Animal

Being a human being requires empathy, being a human animal only requires savagery.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Guns, Murder and Mass Shootings: The Established American Way?

In the last seven years more than 900 people have died in mass shootings in the United States according to a USA TODAY analysis of gun related slayings. In the analysis those deaths accounted for only 1% of all gun related homicides in America.

The extra attention that workplace, shopping mall, and especially school shootings get in the national media compared to domestic violence type murder suicides, and other mass shooting incidents are a reflection of the American audiences need for the extreme in order for mass media to get people’s attention in this  technologically busy self-centered world we live in.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations calculated that in 2012 one person was murdered in America every 35.4 minutes. According to the FBI crime report firearms were used in 67.8 percent of the carnage nation-wide.

I live in Seattle Washington, and in May of 2012 Seattle got another taste of the senseless mass shooting virus that seems to infect the public regardless of where they live. Ian Stawicki opened fire at the Café Racer Espresso shop in the University District killing four at the coffee shop, and then killing a woman in a parking lot while stealing her SUV. Stawicki finally shot himself in the head after being spotted and confronted by the Seattle police.

Neither Ian Stawiki’s father nor the Seattle police department have yet to come up with a “rational” motive for his actions. Bouts of mental illness were scrutinized and an infatuation with the barista worker was also implied, but those are only guesses and vague clues as to what makes these indiscriminant killers go “Ape Shit Nuts” on people that did nothing in most cases to threaten or physically harm them.

Obviously people and society in general were perceived by these homicidal maniacs as a dangerous threat to their mentalities, egos, and/or ideologies, not to them physically.

Can society blame violent video games like the notorious Grand Theft Auto, with their murderous and tacky tasteless digital gangster gore? The aggressive fantasies of enacting human degradation to others that games like “GTA” provide to angry dark apathetic teenagers and their grown up counterparts who devoutly play these types of games are too easy an explanation for the nation’s unrelenting rash of mass shootings; I believe that the problem goes much deeper into our society’s perception of who’s to blame when life or the world refuses to go our way.

Everyone in our society ends up being the ones who pay when these blamers finally snap and attack. Their irrationality eats away at our rational ideals making us eventually numb to their unexplainable violent actions towards indiscriminant strangers, and thus apathetic about them.

America needs to look into this epidemic of indiscriminant unwarranted mass murder, dig past the easy politically correct issues like whether guns are to blame, or is it really the fault of the mentally ill.

What we as a people need to do is look deeper at our society as a whole, then we will find out whether guns, murder, and mass shootings have become the everyday norm and established way of American life; or whether this epidemic of gun violence is really a warning sign of the ever-growing American societal lack of respect for everyone else’s lives but their own.



Thursday, October 31, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

Our human capitalistic value on earth

Our human capitalistic value on earth is only calculated by our governments in terms of the made up man made numbers they can theoretically bring back to their coffers, in order for them to use for themselves to better their lives while burdening ours. (BTA)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Bought and Paid For U.S.D.A: But Not by the American Taxpayer

A Washington State alfalfa farmer got a nasty surprise when he took his product to a broker for sale; he found out that he’d been somehow GMO’ed on the crop he planted.

The standard test findings by the brokers found traces of “Round Up” resistant genetics in the crop, this was a major blow to the farmer, especially since he was counting on selling the product to a mostly anti-GMO overseas market.

This newest genetically altered organism scandal would have been alarming enough to both the farming community, as well as the consumer, given that the tests proved this incident was not a case of cross-pollination by another farmers  GMO tainted crop, but unbeknownst by the farmer,  was planted from illegal seeds he was sold in 2010 while the crop was banned.

To add insult to injury to the farmer, along with American society, the U.S.D.A neither cared, nor bothered to investigate how something like this could have happened; even though the offending seeds were illegal at the time they were sold to the unsuspecting farmer.

The fact that the United States Department of Agriculture could turn a blind eye to this revelation like a paid off cop during prohibition, also points out how most of us do not have a clue what’s GMO tainted whether it is in our store shelves, or on our American farming fields. Washington D.C has obviously already been bought by the Monsanto Corporation to begin with, just like all the other major corporations have done so in the past with impunity.

Why should the U.S.D.A do anything about GMO’s being silently and illegally filtered in with the rest of the nation’s crop stores so that eventually, everyone will just have to give up their protests and conform because it is already too late to do anything about it.

Everything including our environment and our government is tainted regardless, so why even bother trying to stop it – This seems to be the rationality the Federal government would  like us  in America and the rest of the world to believe in; then we would all realize that resisting the corrupt establishment is futile at best.

I myself would rather still believe in a world without corrupt, self-centered politicians, and that the governments they run should be quickly and efficiently purged of them.  Instead of wasting our time listening to more paid off bullshit from both major political parties, we should all vow to run the crooked bastards out with a simple cast of the vote in 2016 and beyond. That is the true American dream of “change” for our nation, and hopefully will be every election year from now on!



Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Man Who Couldn’t Catch Aids Killed Himself

In the early dawn of the 1980 s, a gay man named Stephen Crohn started to wonder why he himself had not contracted a terrible disease after his boyfriend’s, and several other close friend's deaths from a new virus that was plaguing the gay community.

After receiving many more perplexing negative test results for the deadly virus over the coming years, Crohn decided to track down a researcher in the field to test his blood, and in 1996 after 14 years of wondering why he was so graced and not others, scientists discovered that Stephen Crohn was indeed gifted in this world with a genetic mutation that made his blood cells impervious to the Aids virus.

When learning of his bitter sweet gift, Crohn immediately and enthusiastically volunteered in several studies involving the genetic mutation that was hidden in his blood to help pave the way for new drugs to combat and slow down the progression of the disease.

Remarkably and coincidentally, the man who is noted to have discovered Crohn’s disease, Burrill Crohn, was Stephen Crohn’s great uncle. Stephen Crohn was an idealist painter, sculptor and artist along with working as an editor for Fodor’s travel guides. He went on to become a social worker and ran support groups for Aids patients and other terminally ill patients at the same Mount Sinai in New York that his famous great uncle Burrill Crohn was established at so many decades before.

Unfortunately his important work with the ill might have been too much of an overwhelming reminder of the constant grief and devastating personal toll from the Aids virus that took over 70 of his friends and companions over the years.

On August 24 of 2013, Stephen Crohn committed suicide at the age of 66 in New York City. Crohn in the end gave back to god the gift he was given; that gift must have seemed to Crohn as more of a curse than a blessing over the long painful years.

A clue into the obvious survival guilt and unbearable grief that seemed to stem from Crohn’s incredible personal loss, due to the disease that he himself was impervious to, was a 1999 Nova documentary on PBS in which Crohn stated:

 "What's hard is living with the continuous grief,” an unbearable grief that was able to do what even Aids was powerless to do – kill the man who could not catch Aids.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

The American tale of the Traitorous Tranny


Bradley Manning is not your average old school spy for money or secret foreign intelligence cell member type traitor. Although ”he” ( Yes I know, I’m breaking the rules of Political correctness) stole and sent hundreds of thousands of documents to WikiLeaks that included  battlefield reports from Iraq and Afghanistan,  along with politically embarrassing diplomatic cables collected from the worlds classified E-mails, along with profiles of Guantanamo detainees,  and not to mention the real  “elephant in the room,” sobering footage of senseless inhumane and unwarranted American military airstrikes that have killed hundreds of innocent civilians.  These facts would have otherwise been buried deep in more governmental cover-ups, blatant  to the  public lies, and other dirty tricks from our nations generals and politicians if not for Manning’s betrayal.  Bradley/Chelsea Manning, according to him/her committed treason out of humanitarian convictions rather than any apparent ill intent towards the American people.

After receiving 35 years in Leavenworth for “his” ethical and moral convictions, Chelsea Manning came out to the world as a woman and cast off his constricting male shell as Bradley Manning, ready to face his impending life at the all-male military prison as a woman while further prolonging the governments embarrassment by legally challenging the Pentagons still ongoing aversion to trannies in the military, let alone in their biggest prison.

 When I was in the military being gay was an instant ticket out of the Armed Services, and trannies were something you played jokes on with the new recruits  on their first R&R leave in sleazy bars and dirty downtown allies. The military’s views on trannies has not changed much since the early eighties when I served; gays in the military have come a long way  but the Armed Forces have not progressed to the point yet where the government is going to grant Manning’s request to have his junk cut off, and then get a pair of hooters implanted in his chest in preparation for basically life in prison. One thing that is very clear in this Tale of the Traitorous Tranny is that unless they put Manning in solitary confinement, someone or everyone is going to get some tail the night Chelsea Manning arrives at Fort Leavenworth.  

According to the Court House News Service -Before his detection, Manning confided in Internet chats with ex-hacker Adrian Lamo, "i wouldn't mind going to prison for the rest of my life, or being executed so much, if it wasn't for the possibility of having pictures of me... plastered all over the world press... as [a] boy."

Text Copy of Chelsea Manning’s letter to President Obama (the Washington Post)

The decisions that I made in 2010 were made out of a concern for my country and the world that we live in. Since the tragic events of 9/11, our country has been at war. We’ve been at war with an enemy that chooses not to meet us on any traditional battlefield, and due to this fact we’ve had to alter our methods of combating the risks posed to us and our way of life.

I initially agreed with these methods and chose to volunteer to help defend my country. It was not until I was in Iraq and reading secret military reports on a daily basis that I started to question the morality of what we were doing. It was at this time I realized that (in) our efforts to meet the risk posed to us by the enemy, we have forgotten our humanity. We consciously elected to devalue human life both in Iraq and Afghanistan. When we engaged those that we perceived were the enemy, we sometimes killed innocent civilians. Whenever we killed innocent civilians, instead of accepting responsibility for our conduct, we elected to hide behind the veil of national security and classified information in order to avoid any public accountability.

In our zeal to kill the enemy, we internally debated the definition of torture. We held individuals at Guantanamo for years without due process. We inexplicably turned a blind eye to torture and executions by the Iraqi government. And we stomached countless other acts in the name of our war on terror.

Patriotism is often the cry extolled when morally questionable acts are advocated by those in power. When these cries of patriotism drown out any logically based dissension, it is usually the American soldier that is given the order to carry out some ill-conceived mission.

Our nation has had similar dark moments for the virtues of democracy — the Trail of Tears, the Dred Scott decision, McCarthyism, and the Japanese-American internment camps — to mention a few. I am confident that many of the actions since 9/11 will one day be viewed in a similar light.

As the late Howard Zinn once said, “There is not a flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.”

I understand that my actions violated the law; I regret if my actions hurt anyone or harmed the United States. It was never my intent to hurt anyone. I only wanted to help people. When I chose to disclose classified information, I did so out of a love for my country and a sense of duty to others.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Governmental Transparancy of Liars

Our Governmental system has been based on lies from the beginning. More and  more naïve "sheople" are adding to the societal American mix of the New World Order. The lies get even worse when apathetic idiots that only care about their own lives and when their next paycheck is coming in so they can buy more shit for themselves -  Keeps on being the American societal  "norm."
Transparency in Government is obviously in the eye of the beholder! And I see the Transparency of endless Governmental  lies.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Standing up to Obamas World Wide threats over Snowden

Yea! That's how you do it - legally,  After Obama Threatened third world countries with economic ruin, forced down the plane of a south American leader, threatened China, threatened Russia, and tried to pull every dirty trick in the world so people wouldn't find out what a fraud he is - Every socialist based country he threatened not to exercise their sovereign rights to their own laws, ethics, and constitutions had the balls stand up to his threats and extortions, showing the World what an inept, pretentious, hypocritical little man with a hero complex and an inflated sense of importance and political competence he really is! Now it's time for the American people to stand up and do the same!

Obama has shown to have NO Believable Moral Authority in which to guide America, due to the President of the United States un-ethical foreign and domestic policies!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Pen State Pain of 2011 that Still Hurts

It is about time the "Moral" Authority finally gets nailed for being immoral and un-ethical - Of course if this happened at the White House instead of Pen State College, the victims and the journalists that broke the story would be in jail or on trial right now.

There is no question about the three ex-big wigs that allowed Jerry Sandusky to rape young boys in the college’s showers being guilty as hell. Why is the big question in my mind?  If I was in charge and people repeatedly came and told me Sandusky is raping young boys in the showers, I would call the police first, call Sandusky into my office second, and then of course confront him with the charges and put him on Administrative suspension until the issue was all sorted out. If the allegations against Sandusky were found to be true, I Would Drop His Ass like a Hot Potato and then call the legal department and tell them to get some settlement checks ready.

For ex-President Graham Spanier, former vice president Gary Schultz, and ex-athletic director Tim Curley, their choices to cover up decades of blatant deviant child abuse were simply a self-serving monetary choice to ensure their cushy jobs and prestige was not jeopardized. They were then trapped by their own fears and greed into a conspiracy of the worst kind; one that held the value of money over the value of a child’s welfare.

The prosecution is right on the mark this time and social hysteria has seemed to lost interest in this case so there is not much pressure for over-prosecutorial excess in this trial. The prosecutor rational is this: “The men engaged in a ''conspiracy of silence,'' prosecutor, Bruce Beemer said.

This amounts to conspiracy to rape children on the Pen State Campus. Well they made their choices and now they will most likely get their just deserts in prison, just like Jerry Sandusky is now – Giving blow jobs surrounded by painted cinderblocks rather than receiving them!

Monday, July 29, 2013

NO Believable Presidential Moral Authority

I petition that a vote of no confidence be put to the United States Congress calling into question President Obamas abilities to lead this country in a democratic and constitutional manner that has been set down by our forefathers in order to protect us from tyranny and dictatorship by our own governing powers. The charges and accusations set forth against the president shall include and conclude that:  President Obama has shown to have NO Believable Moral Authority in which to guide America, due to the President of the United States un-ethical foreign and domestic policies, and that his actions as President of the United States of America has run contrary to his campaign promises to the American people to the point of being intentionally deceptive to those who voted him into power.  President Obamas assurances on his election plat form that he was dedicated to  promoting governmental transparency, progressive governmental change, and social equality to America, has proven be the opposite in effect and in implementation. I state that the President has instead brought the opposite of what he has promised American Society and the United States government, solely do to the president’s inept lack of political experience in politics, his self-centered personal agendas, and his blatant circumvention of upholding the Constitution of the United States of America.
Petition of no confidence in President Obamas abilities to morally and ethically lead America.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

4 in 5 in US face near-poverty, no work!

Electing a black president finally ended inequality in America! - By spreading it around! - Thanks President Obama! You fulfilled your promise by making everyone walk the streets asking for "change" equally, just to get a meal for a day in America. Those who agree and aren't afraid of being called a racist because they have common sense and a mind of their own, should help call for a vote of no confidence for President Obama on the grounds of, "No believable moral authority in which to guide America due solely by his ethical foreign and domestic policies and actions as President of the United States of America" Everyone who agrees with this rational assessment of his progress and unfulfilled promises (intentional lies) to our once great Nation, Please pass this on and look for the petition I intend to start legally and constitutionally. Something our president has intentionally overlooked as a constitutional lawyer!